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Everything you wanted to know about your skin - Crash Course sets you straight, teaching you everything you could want to know about the integumentary system.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting

Views: 143 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dude gets to test his airbags - Thanks to the daydreaming driver of the minivan, we get to see airbags deploy in real time.

Filed Under: Cars, Oops, Ouch

Views: 166 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Rita Hayworth\'s Cadillac - Enjoy this custom Cadillac that was used by one of Rita Hayworth\'s ex husbands to try to get her back. It didn\'t work, but she ended up with a cool coachbuilt car.

Filed Under: Cars, Pop Culture

Views: 141 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Building a wooden bicycle from scratch - Woodworker, Michael Thompson has taken it upon himself to create a functioning bike from nothing but wood.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Incredible, Creative

Views: 193 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Tipped turtle gets a helping hand - A turtle helps a brother in need out.

Filed Under: Animals, Nature, Heartwarming, Cute

Views: 158 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Kid\'s reaction to scary story - I suspect that the older brother behind him has had a hand in his conditioning.

Filed Under: Kids, Unexpected, Pranks, Funny, Cute

Views: 193 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Monster truck fan gets interviewed - Alcohol may have been consumed prior to this.

Filed Under: Drunk, Funny

Views: 163 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

From driving on frozen lake... - to owning your very own submarine.

Filed Under: Russians, Fail, Cars, Oops

Views: 149 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

World\'s funniest singing dog - Dog accompanies it\'s owners for some singing in the car.

Filed Under: Dogs, Performance, Funny, Animals

Views: 158 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Fun with gases - What happens when you breathe the opposite of helium, creating your own cloud with nitrogen and flaming hydrogen bubble clusters.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting, Funny, Educational

Views: 170 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Starting a bonfire like a pro - Needs more gas.

Filed Under: Oops, Ouch, Fail

Views: 148 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Didga the amazing skateboarding cat - Didga takes her skateboarding skills to the skateboard parks.

Filed Under: Cats, Creative

Views: 110 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dusty, the cat burglar - Known as \"Klepto\" to his victims, this amazing cat thief is caught in the act, again and again.

Filed Under: Cats, Funny

Views: 140 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Precision woodworking - An absolutely impressive level of skill is involved with making finger joints that fit as well as these.

Filed Under: Creative

Views: 136 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

A persistent dog and a stubborn cat - A dog wants his bed back and the cat refuses to give it up.

Filed Under: Animals, Cats, Cute, Dogs, Funny

Views: 169 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Medly on homemade instrument - Kid builds an instrument out of PVC pipe and then wails on it with some paddles.

Filed Under: Music, Creative

Views: 151 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

If you could change one thing about your body - 50 adults and children answer the question \"If you could change one thing on your body, what would it be?\". I\'m with the kids on this one.

Filed Under: Inspirational, Creative

Views: 112 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Blindfolded limbo prank - How hard is it to limbo while you\'re blindfolded? Not too hard, it seems when the limbo crew was a figment of your imagination to begin with.

Filed Under: Funny, Performance

Views: 190 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

A dance and light show like no other - Pixel is a dance show for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environment. A work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, hip hop and circus.

Filed Under: Performance, Creative

Views: 110 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Meet the man that made the information age possible - It\'s not who you\'d expect. In fact, you\'ve probably never heard of him but this man helped the human race learn the power of 1\'s and 0\'s, unlocking all the technology we know today.

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Creative

Views: 114 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Surprise, you\'re married! - A woman thinks she\'s helping a friend with a photo shoot but in reality is heading to her own wedding.

Filed Under: Heartwarming, Romantic, Pranks, Love, Creative

Views: 137 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Woodworking phenom - This master craftsman turns trees into smaller trees with incredible skill.

Filed Under: Creative, Incredible

Views: 108 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Baseball card collection makes a millionaire - Not just any card collection. During the Antiques Roadshow, a lady shares her 140 year old baseball card collection and is in for quite a shock when she is told the estimated value.

Filed Under: Unexpected, Sports, Incredible

Views: 116 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Creative forest illumination - A talented duo spent six weeks in the forest creating an illuminated wonderland, with no post-processing.

Filed Under: Creative, Nature, Incredible

Views: 157 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Panda plays in snow for the first time - Giant panda Bao Bao plays in the snow for the first time at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Filed Under: Animals, Cute, Heartwarming, Nature

Views: 169 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Inside a Google datacenter - We\'ve all seen the more public side of Google, with their bean bag-laden board rooms, free range tofu sandwiches and Segway riding executives but not many get to see this, the actual heart of Google.

Filed Under: Technology, Interesting, Educational

Views: 168 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

New hot thing, volcano selfies. - Get it? New \"hot\" thing?

Filed Under: Extreme, Nature

Views: 217 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Tom & Ruby, the trail duo - Possibly the worlds fastest trail dog? Tom Wragg and his trail dog Ruby having fun at their local spot.

Filed Under: Dogs, Heartwarming, Bicycles, Animals

Views: 158 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Rally racing with big rigs - Anything you can do, I can do better!

Filed Under: Racing, Cars, Extreme

Views: 165 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Paralyzed dog walks! - This is the remarkable story of Zeus, who learned to walk with the help of his loving and dedicated owners.

Filed Under: Dogs, Inspirational, Incredible, Heartwarming, Animals

Views: 165 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

\'Murica? - An impressive sense of balance, RC airplanes and a huge national flag result in one of the most confusing videos I\'ve seen this year.

Filed Under: WTF, Interesting, Incredible, Funny, Cars

Views: 144 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Oh, God, it\'s Mom! - Two brothers get an earful for arguing during the holidays on live tv.

Filed Under: Funny, Unexpected

Views: 162 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

6 fun experiments for kids - Bouncing eggs, visualizing sounds and more.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting, Educational

Views: 194 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cats and Christmas trees - In fairness, it\'s like someone attached 200 cat toys to a cat condo.

Filed Under: Cats, Oops, Holidays, Funny, Animals

Views: 194 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Snowleopard babies playing - Awesome video of a snow leopard family.

Filed Under: Animals, Beautiful, Babies

Views: 142 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

4 wheel drive almost rolls - and rolls, and rolls, and rolls, and rolls....

Filed Under: Cars, Extreme, Darwin Awards

Views: 142 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

View of world\'s air traffic - A 24 hour view of all of the large aircraft flights in the world condensed to under 2 minutes.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

Views: 151 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

9 volt battery dangers - Nothing mentioned about touching to your tongue.

Filed Under: Educational, Unexpected, Science, Oops, Interesting

Views: 161 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Country Music Hit: Some assembly required - Sir Mash a Lot sheds some light on how similar today\'s hits are.

Filed Under: Creative, Music, Interesting, Funny

Views: 203 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Where did my gas cap go? - This poor lady\'s gas cap keeps swapping sides of the car on her.

Filed Under: Funny, Oops, Drunk, Cars

Views: 209 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Thank God for Moms! - The world\'s most patient cat mom

Filed Under: Cats, Heartwarming

Views: 136 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Ice skating over fish - The 10 cm thick ice is clear enough to see the bottom of the lake and fish swimming around.

Filed Under: Nature, Beautiful

Views: 196 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The Jetman of Dubai - The 55-year-old former Swiss fighter pilot, whose nickname is Jetman, makes a habit of strapping on a 7-foot-wide, 120-pound jetwing and taking it for a spin.

Filed Under: Technology, Performance, Interesting, Incredible

Views: 206 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cat sits in during piano time - How can you not love this cat?

Filed Under: Cats, Music, Love, Funny, Animals

Views: 192 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Awesomely useless machines - Some serious skill went into the making of these gorgeous, intricate and useless machines.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 169 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Walking on incredibly clear ice - Ice on a lake in Slovakia that is so clear, it looks like you\'re walking on air.

Filed Under: Nature, Incredible, Beautiful

Views: 182 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Puffer fish makes some incredible sand art - Even puffer fish have the need to express themselves.

Filed Under: Animals, Incredible

Views: 163 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Night time biking with a cool dog - Meet Tom and Ruby, a duo that enjoys some nighttime bike riding... and running.

Filed Under: Dogs, Bicycles

Views: 208 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

Kite surfing becomes human flying - Let go of the controls. Let go of the controls. LET GO OF THE CON.... nevermind.

Filed Under: Fail, Oops, Ouch

Views: 171 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dougie Lampkin rides ice cubes and igloos - Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, challenging himself on frozen obstacles and taking on a hotel made entirely of ice.

Filed Under: Sports

Views: 166 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

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