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Beer can rally car impersonation - I enjoyed the beer can version more than the real thing.

Filed Under: Cars, Funny

Views: 316 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cop arrests subway musician - After the the cop himself reads the law allowing the musician to be there. Anti-copperism ensues.

Filed Under: Cops, Fail

Views: 191 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

Drunk dude at Disney welcomes the pepper spray - I only had to listen to her shrill screams for four minutes and I would have welcomed some pepper spray for distraction.

Filed Under: Funny, Ouch

Views: 191 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Woman caught in guy's fireplace after meeting online - Could it be Santa..

Filed Under: Fail, Funny

Views: 129 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

A basketball gets cameos in movies throughout history - Jean goes to the basketball court to try out his new ball and ends up introducing the ghost into 87 movies\' machines.

Filed Under: Creative, Performance

Views: 151 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Ohio State marching band goes all Classic Rock-y - Stick figures, guitar smashing and drum playing abound in this tribute to classic rock.

Filed Under: Creative, Sports

Views: 138 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Quicksilver saves the day for the X-Men - If I could be any Superhero, it would be him. I love Jim Croce.

Filed Under: Performance, Win, Pop Culture

Views: 161 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Insane Redbull urban motorcycle course - More impressive than the riding is the fact that they've got the guy in the race providing the commentary throughout.

Filed Under: Extreme, Sports, Motorcycles

Views: 257 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Giving medicine to baby pandas - It's even harder than you would think it should be.

Filed Under: Animals, Cute

Views: 150 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Detachable steering wheel does it's thing... - at an inopportune time. Bonus points on the driver for trying to reattach it for the entire duration of the wreck.

Filed Under: Cars, Oops, Funny

Views: 165 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Razor\'s Crazy Cart XL - Now you can play Mario Cart in real life.

Filed Under: Creative

Views: 138 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Drone with awesome scenery and bad pilot - His learning curve may be a very expensive one.

Filed Under: Oops, Technology

Views: 151 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Inspired tortoise Halloween costume - Who dresses up their tortoise for Halloween?

Filed Under: Animals, Creative, Funny

Views: 176 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Time-lapse of blooming flowers - Absolutely stunning photography and a very creative method of capturing something incredibly beautiful.

Filed Under: Beautiful, Creative, Nature

Views: 202 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Brazilians learn English by speaking to the American elderly - Say it with me; \"Get off my lawn!\"

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 145 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Couple rescues a baby fox - Super cute baby fox gets rescued and all fixed up.

Filed Under: Animals, Cute

Views: 185 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Firework under a metal bowl + Darwin contestant - Should have put some spikes through the bottom of the bowl for a bit more excitement.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Funny

Views: 193 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

German Shepherd wakes from very deep sleep - Sometimes I wake to find people with phones videoing me as well.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny

Views: 172 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Funny Finnish cough drop commercial - Sure, his throat feels better, but now he\'s out of a job.

Filed Under: Funny

Views: 145 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Facts that you\'ll doubt - I often tell my therapist I feel one with the banana. Now we know why.

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 156 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Zombie homicide prank - If they\'re not careful, they\'re going to give one of those hipsters an ironic heart attack.

Filed Under: Funny, Performance

Views: 174 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Squirt the monkey showers up - Gotta look your best for TV.

Filed Under: Animals, Cute

Views: 149 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Little kid dances like nobody\'s watching - Or like you\'re on Dancing with the Stars.

Filed Under: Cute, Music

Views: 179 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Invisible bike helmet, pretty cool - At $540 a crash I couldn\'t afford this mountain biking but this is pretty cool! No more messy hair riding to work!

Filed Under: Bicycles, Technology, Creative

Views: 220 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Tank shell incoming - Knock, knock!

Filed Under: Explosions

Views: 182 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Denny\'s gets decimated in fight - This is why they can\'t have nice things.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny

Views: 117 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Shotgun accidental discharge - Unfortunately, the only people that get excited at handling weapons are the ones that shouldn\'t be handling weapons.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny, WTF

Views: 221 Comments: 0 Voted: 2

Old man wails on youngun - Don\'t judge a book by it\'s cover and always be nice to your elders.

Filed Under: Funny, Unexpected

Views: 196 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Kidnapped and forced to marry - But at least the music was very upbeat.

Filed Under: WTF

Views: 183 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Peeping Tom goes high-tech. - I wouldn\'t touch his remote, if I were you.

Filed Under: Technology

Views: 161 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cops let 30 or 40 speeders go - Well, in fairness, they were all cops so that makes sense.

Filed Under: Cops, Fail

Views: 219 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Lifter almost kills himself. - If you're going to lift without a spotter, be sure to set up a camera and film it so everyone can enjoy the show.

Filed Under: Fail, Ouch, Oops

Views: 227 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Skiing down a volcano - No snow? No problem!

Filed Under: Creative, Sports

Views: 168 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Abandoned Titan 1 missile base - The Unknown Cameraman sprinkles a little bit of knowledge on this video of an exploration of a very cool abandoned missle base.

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 123 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Mountain bike crash - followed by crash, followed by...

Filed Under: Bicycles, Fail, Funny

Views: 208 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Mormon missionary vs. Impersonator dance-off - If they\'d do this when they knock on my door, I\'d let them in.

Filed Under: Win, Music

Views: 178 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

FailArmy\'s weekly roundup - More people that should give \"Extreme\" anything a miss

Filed Under: Fail, Darwin Awards

Views: 161 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Paragliding to lawn dart - \"Oh sh*t.\"

Filed Under: Fail, Oops, Ouch

Views: 242 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

10 Amazing natural phenomena - Matthew Santoro expands our brains with some pretty interesting stuff the earth does all on it\'s own.

Filed Under: Nature, Incredible

Views: 186 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Angry sea lion freed from fishing net - I kept replaying the dude getting tossed at 10 seconds.

Filed Under: Animals, Unexpected

Views: 201 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Judge Judy sets a breeder straight. - \"You chose to have a gaggle of children.\" Now I love Judge Judy.

Filed Under: Win

Views: 154 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

News anchor goes against the status quo - and speaks logically and sans hyperbole about America\'s latest \"epidemic\".

Filed Under: Unexpected, Pop Culture

Views: 157 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Concrete canvas inflatable buildings - If they had done the demo in my yard, I\'d have a garage now.

Filed Under: Technology, Creative

Views: 160 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

7 Burgers, 30 days - See how your favorite burger fares. If your favorite burger is McDonalds, you\'re in deep doo-doo.

Filed Under: Food, Fail, Interesting

Views: 169 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The Walking Dead Drunk - The similarities are shocking.

Filed Under: Drunk, Creative, Funny

Views: 164 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

When two bamboo trains cross paths - If train A leaves the station at 2:30pm....

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 146 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Amazing paper sculptures - Some very cool paper art.

Filed Under: Creative

Views: 172 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cool computerized water fountain - Hanging out at a South Korean shopping mall.

Filed Under: Interesting, Creative, Technology

Views: 177 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

What $1,000 rent gets you in different cities - It\'s more expensive because it\'s better. Who wouldn\'t want to live in a 200 square foot room in Little Cuba Miami?

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 144 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Lasers + campfire - = Pink Floyd laser light show minus the 42 minute rambling musical interlude.

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 127 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

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