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Cat goes for a quick flight - The moment the guy realizes he's got a cat for a passenger is pretty funny.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Cats, Funny

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A flying dune buggy - SkyRunner is a dune buggy and a power parachute in one.

Filed Under: Cars, Aeronautics, Creative

Views: 245 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Jet takeoff and vertical landing on carrier - The F-35B is a fighter jet recently released into the wild that's got some pretty nifty tricks up it's sleeves.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Technology

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Drones build rope bridge - Unpiloted drones are used to build a rope bridge. I welcome our span-connecting overlords.

Filed Under: Technology, Aeronautics, Creative

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Base jumping party - When these BASE jumpers get permission to jump off this 175m TV tower in Tallinn, they take full advantage jumping a total of 750 times!

Filed Under: Extreme, Aeronautics

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World's largest plane - The Stratolaunch, currently in production, will be the world's largest plane when finished.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Interesting, Extreme, Technology

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The grand canyon from space courtesy a GoPro and a balloon - Some really smart dudes set up a camera and phone in a payload lifted by a weather balloon so they could capture some amazing footage of the earth from space.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Creative, Incredible, Nature

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Drone catches nude sunbather in unlikely place - Have the keys to somewhere secluded like the top of a wind turbine to catch some rays? Just make sure the airspace is clear.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Unexpected, Oops, Funny

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Aerobatic Formation Flying w/ The Red Bull Matadors - Flying legends Steve Jones and Paul Bonhomme of The Red Bull Matadors show off their amazing aerobatic skills at locations across England, Wales and Scotland.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Extreme, Incredible

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Why do planes fly so high? - Ever wonder why planes don't hang around closer to the ground? Well, wonder no more!

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Interesting, Science

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Hawk attacks R/C plane - GET OUT OF MY SKIES, CYBORG!

Filed Under: Animals, Unexpected, Nature, Aeronautics

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Double front flip on a bike - Bienvenido Aguado Alba dusts himself off after taking a hard fall then lands the first ever double frontflip in competition at the 2014 Martin Söderström Invitational.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Aeronautics, Epic, Extreme, Sports

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Skydiving Slip and Slide - The whole video is cool. The end of the video is awesomesauce.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Creative, Sports, Unexpected, Win

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Drag car becomes low flying aircraft - then morphs again to scrap metal.

Filed Under: Cars, Aeronautics, Oops, Racing

Views: 228 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Barefoot airplane waterskiing - There's a combination of words I bet you weren't expecting to read.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Sports

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Historic BASE Jump from Mount Kilimanjaro - Valery Rozov, a well-known Russian B.A.S.E. jumper and mountaineer has conquered the highest point in Africa (5,895 meters), and made the first ever B.A.S.E. jump from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Extreme

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Red Bull King of the Air 2015 - Who's the best kiteboarder in the world? Big Bay, Cape Town played host for the third time to Red Bull King of the Air this year, with 24 of the best kiteboarders in the world.

Filed Under: Extreme, Aeronautics, Sports

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Jet gives the crowd a haircut - Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby. Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Unexpected

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Catastrophic failure [Super secret code 284]