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Texas toddler diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes - A little girl in Texas had a diet so unhealthy that she developed Type 2 diabetes before her fourth birthday, a doctor who treated her says.

Filed Under: Health, Kids, Fail

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Ozzie's "Crazy Train" played by kids - The Prince of Darkness would approve.

Filed Under: Music, Unexpected, Performance, Music, Kids, Creative

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Superheroes bust a move for kids - My spidey-senses tell me that one of the heroes will be going solo soon.

Filed Under: Performance, Heartwarming, Kids

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Father and son dance-off - The short one has got some serious rhythm.

Filed Under: Kids, Performance, Heartwarming, Cute

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Kids sing national anthem - Still sounds better than Roseanne.

Filed Under: Kids, Funny

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Baby has mastered the "Evil Laugh" - Preparing early to step into a Supervillain's shoes, this baby has mastered the laugh.

Filed Under: Babies, Cute, Funny, Kids

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Two kids stuck in a claw game - Mom of the year contestant loses not one, but both her kids to a claw machine game. I imagine she only took her eyes off of them for just a second.

Filed Under: Fail, Kids, WTF

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Funny animal compilation - Funny animals just being classic funny animals... Enjoy hilarious pets and wildlife in this compilation!

Filed Under: Animals, Cats, Funny, Kids, Compilation

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3 year old taking Taekwondo test - No crane kick to be found.

Filed Under: Kids, Cute, Funny, Sports

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Break's greatest of the internet for Feb - Some of's favoritist clips of February, 2015

Filed Under: Funny, Babies, Cats, Kids

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Kid\'s reaction to scary story - I suspect that the older brother behind him has had a hand in his conditioning.

Filed Under: Kids, Unexpected, Pranks, Funny, Cute

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Two brothers are in big trouble - Notice how at 25 seconds, the older brother throws the innocent younger brother under the bus.

Filed Under: Funny, Heartwarming, Cute, Kids

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