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Dueling smokestacks - An impressive demolition of two smokestacks.

Filed Under: Explosions, Win

Views: 198 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

New stone skipping record of 88 skips! - This video shows both the incredible record breaking skip as well as an overlay of all the past records.

Filed Under: Win, Epic, Incredible

Views: 109 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

String quartet plays in traffic jam - It's better than whatever's on the airwaves.

Filed Under: Funny, Performance, Win

Views: 149 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

First ever winner of American Ninja obstacle course - Knowing it'll take a history-making climb up Mt. Midoriyama to claim the million-dollar prize, Isaac Caldiero turns in a history-making ascent.

Filed Under: Sports, Extreme, Win

Views: 155 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Sam Pilgrim's Crankworx freestyle run - An incredible freestyle run by Sam Pilgrim and hist trusty mountain bike.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Win, Extreme

Views: 119 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Guy lifts car to get out of tight spot - If you ever find your car in a tight spot, let's hope you own a Yugo and not an Escalade.

Filed Under: Funny, Cars, Unexpected, Win

Views: 170 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

Parapalegic gets back on the bike - After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, mountain bike and Road Bike Party legend, is Back On Track.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Win, Inspirational, Heartwarming

Views: 234 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Master of the tape measure - Now we know why your contractor is three months behind.

Filed Under: Funny, Win

Views: 149 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Some inventive handshakes - I would have serious problems memorizing just one of these.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny, Win

Views: 132 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Karma kisses handicap parking poacher - On a related note, Post-It Notes stock has gone through the roof.

Filed Under: Funny, Pranks, Win

Views: 238 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

Ski slope mastery - Léo Taillefer is on the slopes to do two things, kick butt and chew bubblegum. Guess who's all out of bubblegum.

Filed Under: Sports, Win

Views: 127 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Masterful kite flyer - This guy takes "go fly a kite" pretty seriously.

Filed Under: Win

Views: 142 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

FailArmy's Wins of the week - April Fools!

Filed Under: Win, Compilation

Views: 102 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Skydiving Slip and Slide - The whole video is cool. The end of the video is awesomesauce.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Creative, Sports, Unexpected, Win

Views: 190 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Incredible balanced stone karma stack - Masterful stone stacking ends in one seriously cool karma stack.

Filed Under: Win, Creative

Views: 206 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Incredible treehouse - Gorgeous locale combined with fantastic execution equals Foster Huntington's incredible treehome.

Filed Under: Beautiful, Win, Creative

Views: 213 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cliff Jumping! - Some pretty nifty cliff diving.

Filed Under: Epic, Win, Extreme, Beautiful

Views: 218 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Philippines F1 mountain racing - My new favorite type of race.

Filed Under: Creative, Incredible, Win

Views: 227 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Night skiing like you\'ve never seen it - I NEED ONE OF THOSE SUITS!

Filed Under: Creative, Win

Views: 160 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Wushu spear dodging - I'd be leaking a lot of blood after that performance.

Filed Under: Sports, Win, Incredible

Views: 154 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Student wins 10k tuition - Gustavo Angel Tamayo made four amazing shots in less than 30 seconds to win $10,000 in tuition money.

Filed Under: Sports, Epic, Win

Views: 175 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Porsche Outlaw 356 - Petrolicious delivers the goods again this week with a fantastic look at a special 356 and a enviable family history.

Filed Under: Cars, Incredible, Win

Views: 191 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Homemade speedboat - It sits high in the water due to the added buoyancy of his testicles.

Filed Under: Win, Creative, Boats, Incredible

Views: 174 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Jimmy Kimmel hooks up a good samaratin - Recently in Fresno, California an unidentified man wearing a Dodgers baseball cap was captured on video rescuing a stranger from a house fire. Jimmy goes all Oprah with the gifts.

Filed Under: Inspirational, Win

Views: 207 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

10 Second songs - Halloween special - Anthony Vincent of 10 second songs gives us a Halloween treat: Michael Jackson\'s Thriller in 20 styles.

Filed Under: Music, Incredible, Win

Views: 193 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Crazy urban downhill - You know when you see riders blasting through your house it\'s going to be a weird day.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Win, Sports, Racing

Views: 179 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Monster gold nugget - There\'s no longer gold in them thar hills. This guy took it all.

Filed Under: Incredible, Nature, Win

Views: 174 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Science baby! - Bill Nye would be proud.

Filed Under: Educational, Win, Science

Views: 219 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Quicksilver saves the day for the X-Men - If I could be any Superhero, it would be him. I love Jim Croce.

Filed Under: Performance, Win, Pop Culture

Views: 161 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Mormon missionary vs. Impersonator dance-off - If they\'d do this when they knock on my door, I\'d let them in.

Filed Under: Win, Music

Views: 178 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Judge Judy sets a breeder straight. - \"You chose to have a gaggle of children.\" Now I love Judge Judy.

Filed Under: Win

Views: 154 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Citizen pulls over cop - And then issues him a warning.

Filed Under: Cops, Win

Views: 199 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dirt bike crash near miss - Think fast!

Filed Under: Win, Motorcycles, Racing

Views: 148 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Road bike parody - Mad skills on old beater bikes.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Win

Views: 158 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Tim Minchin teaches us about prejudice - There\'s certain words that only certain people can use. Tim hooks us up with the straight scoop so you\'ll know which group you\'re in.

Filed Under: Funny, Music, Performance, Win

Views: 176 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Base jumper crashes pool party - Fashionable to be late and entering with a parachute.

Filed Under: Win

Views: 136 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Incredible street art - I really didn\'t expect that impressive of a finished painting.

Filed Under: Incredible, Win

Views: 185 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Enemy spotted! Arm the TP-6000! - Eric Cire and his son Remy decided the best defense was a good offense, so they built a toilet paper gun powered by a leaf blower.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny, Heartwarming, Win

Views: 191 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Epic flute tutorial - Dare you say, such a thing doth not exist? Nay!

Filed Under: Epic, Funny, Music, Win

Views: 184 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

Paper airplane machine gun - Ever wished you could achieve a death by paper airplane machine gun? Well, now it\'s finally possible.

Filed Under: Creative, Interesting, Science, Win

Views: 187 Comments: 1 Voted: 0