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Ten interesting Youtube facts - Matthew Santoro figured you should know a little bit more about the site that you spend most of your day at.

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Ingrid Michaelson's Time Machine video is a trip - SoulPancake is proud to present the official video for Ingrid Michaelson's "Time Machine."

Filed Under: Music, Funny, Performance, Pop Culture

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30 life hacks debunked - You know what we\'re talking about. All those dubious tips that your friends share on Facebook. Well, Mental Floss has taken it upon themselves to let you know which ones are worth trying.

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Creative

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Rita Hayworth\'s Cadillac - Enjoy this custom Cadillac that was used by one of Rita Hayworth\'s ex husbands to try to get her back. It didn\'t work, but she ended up with a cool coachbuilt car.

Filed Under: Cars, Pop Culture

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100 years of fashion in 60 seconds - Time lapse of a model getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.

Filed Under: Creative, Pop Culture

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Honest Trailers: Malificent - Screen Junkies combines the best narration voice-over on earth with honest narration for hilarious results. This time, they take aim at Disney\'s Malificent.

Filed Under: Performance, Creative, Pop Culture

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Zombeavers: Zombies with an added eavers - This thing has an IMDB page.

Filed Under: WTF, Pop Culture

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Mike tells POTUS \"Don\'t touch my girlfriend\" - He wasn\'t planning on it.

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Funny

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The Meme Police - Corridor Digital shows how hard it is to keep the internet\'s users in line.

Filed Under: Creative, Performance, Pop Culture

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Quicksilver saves the day for the X-Men - If I could be any Superhero, it would be him. I love Jim Croce.

Filed Under: Performance, Win, Pop Culture

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News anchor goes against the status quo - and speaks logically and sans hyperbole about America\'s latest \"epidemic\".

Filed Under: Unexpected, Pop Culture

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Jennifer Lawrence chimes in on Snapchat photo theft - \"Anyone viewing my nude photos should cower in shame.\"

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Fail

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SnapGate - Posting personal photos to the cloud,I\'m sure they\'ll be safe there.

Filed Under: Fail, Pop Culture

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Town of nightmares - Stop clowning around.

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Unexpected, Pranks

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Taylor Swift covers Vance Joy\'s Riptide - Taylor Swift performs a cover of Vance Joy\'s Riptide in the Live Lounge

Filed Under: Music, Pop Culture

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Bob Marley reincarnated - Put a little pot smoke in the fog machine and you wouldn\'t be able to tell the difference.

Filed Under: Music, Incredible, Performance, Pop Culture

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Dubstep battle with a statue - No big deal. I play charades with statues all the time and usually win.

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Can we auto-correct humanity? - I'm saddened that he couldn't fit it into 140 characters :(

Filed Under: Inspirational, Technology, Pop Culture, Facebook

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