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Worst Way to Wake Up When Hungover - This Norwegian choir sings at this statue every year and they weren't about to let a hungover person get in the way of that. What a terrible way to wake up.

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Three ways to fail a drunk test - Three guys that should have been cut off at the bar.

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Monster truck fan gets interviewed - Alcohol may have been consumed prior to this.

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Where did my gas cap go? - This poor lady\'s gas cap keeps swapping sides of the car on her.

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Screaming out a window in Sweden - If you do this in New York, you just get shot.

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Top ten Super Bowl commercials of 2014 - The game is never interesting but the commercials are.

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New Zealand\'s drug driving commercial - I say... you too slow. You have a-crispy duck. SIT DOWN!

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Jukin\'s top 10 of the week - It\'s got a goat in it.

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The Walking Dead Drunk - The similarities are shocking.

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It's hard to get that perfect selfie. - If you don't get a decent one in a minute or two of a constant stream of photos, you may just want to pay a visit to the Wal-Mart photo studio. Audio of incredulous old lady is NSFW.

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Watch who you poke. - Is Facebook is going to be the downfall of civilization or will it be our own stupidity?

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Street Fighter II - Drunk Russian Edition - Two drunk Russians duke it out Street Fighter style. Hang out for the killer finishing move.

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