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Moped rider almost pulls off the perfect crime - Running intersection full of cops? Check. Covering your plate? Check. Checking for cross-traffic? Woops.

Filed Under: Fail, Cops, Darwin Awards, Oops, Ouch

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Burglar stuck in chimney dies after homeowner lights fire - A suspected burglar who became stuck in the chimney of a Central California home died of burns and smoke inhalation after the home's owner lit a fire in the fireplace, authorities said Sunday.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Ouch, Oops, Fail

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Downhill longboarding - What do you get when you combine incredible talent with complete lack of common sense? These guys.

Filed Under: Extreme, Darwin Awards

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4 wheel drive almost rolls - and rolls, and rolls, and rolls, and rolls....

Filed Under: Cars, Extreme, Darwin Awards

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Idiot fails ring of fire jump - So close.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Fail, Ouch

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How not to enter or exit a parking garage - If at first you don\'t succeed, try until you flip your car.

Filed Under: Fail, Darwin Awards

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Sleepy driver goes all Wreck-a-Day - After almost taking out the oncoming lane\'s drivers, they finally decide to quit wimping out and go full-retard.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Fail, Ouch

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Firework under a metal bowl + Darwin contestant - Should have put some spikes through the bottom of the bowl for a bit more excitement.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Funny

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FailArmy\'s weekly roundup - More people that should give \"Extreme\" anything a miss

Filed Under: Fail, Darwin Awards

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Turn down for what? - Bet you can\'t watch this only once.

Filed Under: Fail, Darwin Awards, Funny, Oops, Ouch

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School gun training class - I\'m the only one in this room professional enough to carry this gun....boom! classic training video

Filed Under: Cops, Fail, Educational, Darwin Awards

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