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10 things the coppers don't want you to know - Don't fall for the ol' "fake lie detector" trick.

Filed Under: Cops, Interesting

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Moped rider almost pulls off the perfect crime - Running intersection full of cops? Check. Covering your plate? Check. Checking for cross-traffic? Woops.

Filed Under: Fail, Cops, Darwin Awards, Oops, Ouch

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Birds feeding fish - No, not eating fish. Feeding fish. These black swans feed the koi in their pond. Maybe they're just fattening them up for dinner.

Filed Under: Animals, Cute, Cops, Nature

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Germans meet one of 'Murca's finest police officers - You know the speed limit, Germany-boy? Then why are you driving in my country?

Filed Under: Cops, Fail, Funny

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Three ways to fail a drunk test - Three guys that should have been cut off at the bar.

Filed Under: Drunk, Ouch, Oops, Funny, Cops

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Speeder pulls gun on cop - Apparently, he had somewhere really important to be.

Filed Under: Cops, Unexpected, Ouch

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Cop unable to control bikers - Well, that must be frustrating.

Filed Under: Cops, Funny, Motorcycles

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Cop arrests subway musician - After the the cop himself reads the law allowing the musician to be there. Anti-copperism ensues.

Filed Under: Cops, Fail

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Cops let 30 or 40 speeders go - Well, in fairness, they were all cops so that makes sense.

Filed Under: Cops, Fail

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Citizen pulls over cop - And then issues him a warning.

Filed Under: Cops, Win

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Bad cops - Bad cops

Filed Under: Cops, WTF

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School gun training class - I\'m the only one in this room professional enough to carry this gun....boom! classic training video

Filed Under: Cops, Fail, Educational, Darwin Awards

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Russian cop hitches ride for car chase - No car? No problem!

Filed Under: Russians, Unexpected, Funny, Cops, Cars

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