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Guy lights himself on fire and jumps off of a building - In Russia, suicide attempts are performed with much more flair.

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Russian road rage ends in a swift kick to the face - Chuck Norris has apparently moved to Mother Russia and is straightening out the country, one douchebag at a time.

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From driving on frozen lake... - to owning your very own submarine.

Filed Under: Russians, Fail, Cars, Oops

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Russian rope swing - He almost looked disappointed to still be alive when it was over.

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Russian road claims another victim - The pallet was there for a good reason.

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Concrete truck swallowed by Russian road - How fortuitous that it was a concrete truck?

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Jukin\'s top 10 of the week - It\'s got a goat in it.

Filed Under: Animals, Drunk, Funny, Oops, Russians

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Two guys stumble upon Chuck Norris passed out - No need to check for a pulse. Chuck Norris can\'t die.

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How to save a cat in Russia - Anywhere else in the world would consider this trying to kill the cat.

Filed Under: Russians, Oops

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Russian drivers - Going out for a Sunday drive, Russian style.

Filed Under: Russians, Oops, Ouch

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Russian forklift operator gets buried - You broke the forklift, Vladamir.

Filed Under: Oops, Russians

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From Russia with love. - Russia!

Filed Under: Russians, WTF, Funny

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Russian homemade helicopter - A fantastic \"minimalistic\" approach to building your own personal helicopter.

Filed Under: Russians, Creative

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First man to walk in space shares some secrets - Alexei Leonov shares some little known and really scary facts about the mission that made him the first space walker.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting, Russians

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Paraglider collides with eagle - Quit breaking the nature, Vlad.

Filed Under: Unexpected, Oops, Ouch, Russians

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Russian cop hitches ride for car chase - No car? No problem!

Filed Under: Russians, Unexpected, Funny, Cops, Cars

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Shooting while pepper sprayed - This guy is awesome, I've learned most of my shooting/tactical techniques from him.

Filed Under: Russians, Educational

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Street Fighter II - Drunk Russian Edition - Two drunk Russians duke it out Street Fighter style. Hang out for the killer finishing move.

Filed Under: Russians, Drunk, Funny

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