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Air Force composure test - If you ever wondered how the Air Force could churn out such fearless warriors, now you know.

Filed Under: Funny, Educational

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A 5 mph crash is more violent than you think - Meet The Convincer, a contraption devised to show participants that a seatbelt is handy at all speeds.

Filed Under: Cars, Educational

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11 Web Sites That’ll Teach You Awesome Skills For Free - Learn a language, how to play chess, canning and so much more - free!

Filed Under: Compilation, Interesting, Educational

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How modern medicine managed to make Alzheimer's communicable - Modern medicine managed to give a disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which is like Alzheimer's disease on steroids, to a large number of people by mingling brain between people.

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Oops

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MIsconceptions about money and finance - Your credit score has a doppelganger, you get to keep some stuff after bankruptcy, college isn't as expensive as you think, we buy a lot of American stuff and more in this Mental Floss informational.

Filed Under: Educational

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10 BANNED Medical Practices You Won't Believe Existed! - Matthew Santoro reminds us that as humans, we've done some spectacularly horrific things in the name of medicine.

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Fail

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10 misconceptions from the internet - Just because you still haven't learned yet, here's 10 more things the internet lied to you about.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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How To Count Cards In Blackjack - With this easy to master method, you'll still lose all your money, but you'll just be more surprised when it happens.

Filed Under: Educational, Gaming

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10 extremely weird phobias - Nomophobia(fear of not having your mobile phone), ecophobia(fear of leaving home), ablutophobia(fear of taking a bath). I think I just watched a synopsis of a teenager.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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The image that can break your brain - Things that can hurt you just by looking at them are science fiction and fantasy, right? Well, not quite.

Filed Under: Educational

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What is Deja Vu? - Most of us have felt it before, that strange sensation that you\'ve been somewhere or seen something before, as if you already remembered what\'s happening. Are you psychic? Nope, that\'s just deja vu

Filed Under: Educational, Science

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How green screens worked before computers - For those of us who grew up in the age of CGI, green screen is just \"a thing that computers do\". But how did effects like this work before the age of pixels?

Filed Under: Technology, Educational

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Misconceptions about crime - Nothing mentioned about mattress tags.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting, Political

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Plasma, The Most Common Phase of Matter in the Universe - Get to know plasma, the most common, but probably least understood, phase of matter in the universe!

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Interesting

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Fun with gases - What happens when you breathe the opposite of helium, creating your own cloud with nitrogen and flaming hydrogen bubble clusters.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting, Funny, Educational

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Meet the man that made the information age possible - It\'s not who you\'d expect. In fact, you\'ve probably never heard of him but this man helped the human race learn the power of 1\'s and 0\'s, unlocking all the technology we know today.

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Creative

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Inside a Google datacenter - We\'ve all seen the more public side of Google, with their bean bag-laden board rooms, free range tofu sandwiches and Segway riding executives but not many get to see this, the actual heart of Google.

Filed Under: Technology, Interesting, Educational

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6 fun experiments for kids - Bouncing eggs, visualizing sounds and more.

Filed Under: Science, Interesting, Educational

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View of world\'s air traffic - A 24 hour view of all of the large aircraft flights in the world condensed to under 2 minutes.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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9 volt battery dangers - Nothing mentioned about touching to your tongue.

Filed Under: Educational, Unexpected, Science, Oops, Interesting

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Cutting rope with nothing but rope - How to cut string or rope if you haven\'t got a knife or a pair of scissors. Great life hack trick to help you in an emergency. Cut rope with string!

Filed Under: Creative, Educational

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The power of the introvert - The world is full of noise and those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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A floating lighthouse - Or a light vessel, for those times when you couldn\'t build a traditional lighthouse.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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3 disgusting things about dustmites - You know, just in case you didn\'t already think they were really, really disgusting.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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The sixth extinction - Be the comet. Deep breath. Be the comet. Breathe out. Be the comet.

Filed Under: Animals, Educational

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What drives our prejudices? - Now I know why I don\'t trust people that don\'t like bacon.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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The value of $1 around the world - I don\'t think I\'d want to carry around 530 colons.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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52 things you incorrectly thought you knew in one infographic - No need to add salt to boiling water and quit calling Napoleon short!

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting, Science

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Magic Tricks you can do with everyday objects - Cool tricks that you can perform with things in your home!

Filed Under: Interesting, Educational, Creative

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Opening a can with no tools - This will come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting, Creative

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There\'s some England in New York - It seems we\'ve been invaded.

Filed Under: Interesting, Educational

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Cordyceps: Attackof the killer fungi - This particular fungi controls insects\' minds!

Filed Under: Educational, Science, Nature, Interesting, Incredible, Animals

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10 Minutes to refresh the mind - Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day.

Filed Under: Educational, Interesting

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Make a rocket from kitty litter and sugar - Grant Thompson teaches you how to build cheap rocket motors. On an unrelated note, The U.S. has now placed him in the Axis of Evil.

Filed Under: Science, Educational, Interesting

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Everything wrong with U.S. internet - If you aren\'t already aware of the extent to which you\'re being raped by the U.S. service providers, this will be an eye-opener.

Filed Under: Educational

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Visualizing rhythm - Ted-Ed explains an alternative method of visualizing rhythm.

Filed Under: Music, Educational, Interesting

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What are your addictions costing you? - They didn\'t say anything about licking light bulbs, so I think I\'m in the clear.

Filed Under: Educational

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The solution for Americans' fear of ebola - If you find poop that may be contaminated, don't eat it.

Filed Under: Funny, Educational

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Science baby! - Bill Nye would be proud.

Filed Under: Educational, Win, Science

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Michio Kaku on dreaming - Michio Kaku discusses the latest research on dreams.

Filed Under: Educational, Technology

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Why do Brits have separate hot and cold taps? - TLDR; their hot water apparently can kill you.

Filed Under: Interesting, Educational

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How to tell your cat I love you - practice in your cat cave before trying with a real cat

Filed Under: Cats, Educational

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Orion - Trial By fire - Everything about the rocket as well as the mission.

Filed Under: Science, Educational

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School gun training class - I\'m the only one in this room professional enough to carry this gun....boom! classic training video

Filed Under: Cops, Fail, Educational, Darwin Awards

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The art of kintsugi: embracing damage - The Japanese art of mending broken items. Now I feel bad about throwing away the coffee cup my cat knocked off my desk.

Filed Under: Beautiful, Creative, Educational, Interesting

Views: 222 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

Largest mirror on earth - Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat

Filed Under: Science, Nature, Interesting, Educational, Beautiful

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Can mosquitoes have mosquitoes? - There is justice in the world.

Filed Under: Educational, Science, Nature

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Thug Kitchen Cookbook [NSFW] - I'm not sure how you even go about making a cookbook that's NSFW, but these guys somehow managed to pull it off.

Filed Under: Food, Educational

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Are older siblings smarter than younger siblings? - Ground breaking research of something I've known for awhile.

Filed Under: Educational, Science, Interesting

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Sea food decision guide. - Sea food decision guide from National geographic.

Filed Under: Educational, Food

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