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Crazy urban downhill - You know when you see riders blasting through your house it\'s going to be a weird day.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Win, Sports, Racing

Views: 124 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

A full moon rising in real time - Mark Gee captured this incredible full moon rising with no editing or manipulation.

Filed Under: Nature, Creative, Incredible

Views: 163 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

A tale of momentum and inertia - A fantastically funny short animation from studio HouseSpecial.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 129 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Honey Bee, the blind hiking cat - Some awesome owners get their disabled cat out on the trails.

Filed Under: Animals, Inspirational

Views: 115 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

Toddler in minion costume takes a tumble - \"I\'m okay!\"

Filed Under: Babies, Cute, Funny

Views: 121 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Visualizing rhythm - Ted-Ed explains an alternative method of visualizing rhythm.

Filed Under: Music, Educational, Interesting

Views: 136 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Just a man relaxing with his donkey - Bedtime must be awkward.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny

Views: 139 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Photomath phone app solves all your problems - For every parent that has to help their child with homework.

Filed Under: Technology, Incredible

Views: 143 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Drive by compliments - I hope you\'re a part of my never-ending story, sir.

Filed Under: Inspirational, Funny

Views: 138 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

How marble is harvested - Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani captures the otherworldly landscape of a marble quarry in the Apuan Alps.

Filed Under: Beautiful, Interesting

Views: 140 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dad makes daughter a lite-up costume - He\'s getting her ready for Burning Man.

Filed Under: Creative

Views: 122 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Building the perfect cookie - This is what happens when you give nerds access to cooking ingredients.

Filed Under: Food, Creative, Technology

Views: 105 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Slap & tap bass solo - Miki Santamaria, from Barcelona, Spain absolutely tears it up on a bass.

Filed Under: Music, Incredible

Views: 143 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Parking your bike like a boss - Peter Sagan cuts a couple steps out of mounting your bike to your bike rack.

Filed Under: Bicycles, Incredible, Unexpected

Views: 174 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

RKO montage - What doesn\'t wrestling go well with?

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 112 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Idiot fails ring of fire jump - So close.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Fail, Ouch

Views: 151 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Goats perform Star Wars Imperial March - I like the remake better than the original.

Filed Under: Creative, Animals, Funny

Views: 128 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

Mike tells POTUS \"Don\'t touch my girlfriend\" - He wasn\'t planning on it.

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Funny

Views: 120 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Can foodies tell what good food actually is? - We\'ve always known the answer is a resounding \"no\", but it\'s fun to watch them rave about McDOnalds\'s trash, nonetheless.

Filed Under: Pranks, Funny

Views: 121 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

How not to enter or exit a parking garage - If at first you don\'t succeed, try until you flip your car.

Filed Under: Fail, Darwin Awards

Views: 125 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cop unable to control bikers - Well, that must be frustrating.

Filed Under: Cops, Funny, Motorcycles

Views: 122 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

What are your addictions costing you? - They didn\'t say anything about licking light bulbs, so I think I\'m in the clear.

Filed Under: Educational

Views: 120 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Girl has close call - When glass panes fall off of a stadium, the girl opts to stop, drop and wait for death.

Filed Under: Incredible, Unexpected

Views: 105 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Racism insurance - Oops, I was racist, black guy come here!

Filed Under: Funny

Views: 111 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Monster gold nugget - There\'s no longer gold in them thar hills. This guy took it all.

Filed Under: Incredible, Nature, Win

Views: 118 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Halloween serial killer prank - I love all of Rémi Gaillard\'s work, but this is absolutely brilliant. The guy at the carwash was fantastic!

Filed Under: Pranks, Creative

Views: 123 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Bubble tricks - What\'s more fun than bubbles? Magic bubbles!

Filed Under: Creative

Views: 88 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The solution for Americans' fear of ebola - If you find poop that may be contaminated, don't eat it.

Filed Under: Funny, Educational

Views: 138 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Two guys stumble upon Chuck Norris passed out - No need to check for a pulse. Chuck Norris can\'t die.

Filed Under: Russians, Funny

Views: 156 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

How to save a cat in Russia - Anywhere else in the world would consider this trying to kill the cat.

Filed Under: Russians, Oops

Views: 150 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Wind causes waterfall to become a waterrise - Clearly, an indicator of global climate change.

Filed Under: Nature, Incredible

Views: 154 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Mechanic almost wipes out Mustang - That was quite an amazing save.

Filed Under: Cars, Oops

Views: 94 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Woman fails fire extinguisher training - Missed it by that much.

Filed Under: Fail, Oops, Funny

Views: 104 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Soccer player miraculously healed - It seems Jesus has returned, and has decided he would be best used healing guys playing a children\'s game.

Filed Under: Fail, Sports

Views: 99 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Giraffe is tired of rhino\'s crap - and lets him know with a swift kick to the noggin.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny

Views: 129 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dashcam shenanigans - Enjoy some dashcam-captured excitement.

Filed Under: Cars, Funny

Views: 135 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Fountain jump fail - The one thing in the world he would have been known for and he had to screw it up.

Filed Under: Fail, Oops

Views: 89 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The Meme Police - Corridor Digital shows how hard it is to keep the internet\'s users in line.

Filed Under: Creative, Performance, Pop Culture

Views: 136 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Grocery-getter crash at Nuerburgring - You\'re not ready for the ring.

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Oops

Views: 165 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Rope swing to base jump - A gorgeous locale to tempt fate.

Filed Under: Interesting

Views: 106 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Remote-controlled jet - Whatever that thing costs I would be out of pocket once I drove it into the ground at full speed.

Filed Under: Incredible, Creative, Technology

Views: 139 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Sleepy driver goes all Wreck-a-Day - After almost taking out the oncoming lane\'s drivers, they finally decide to quit wimping out and go full-retard.

Filed Under: Darwin Awards, Fail, Ouch

Views: 155 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

5 big \'ol work failures - So you think you had a bad day at work.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny, Oops

Views: 121 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Drone armed with fireworks - Boom, Headshot!

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 125 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

FailArmy\'s Fails of the week - The not-quite wins for this week.

Filed Under: Fail, Oops, Ouch

Views: 186 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Science baby! - Bill Nye would be proud.

Filed Under: Educational, Win, Science

Views: 162 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Worlds first hoverboard. - For 10k you can channel your inner Marty McFly

Filed Under: Technology, Sports, Science

Views: 141 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Ouch! that really hurt Charlie!! - this devious little kid reminds me of someone.....

Filed Under: Funny, Cute, Ouch

Views: 112 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

UK trying to reward internet trolling with prison time - Quick, everyone! Edit your complete commenting history!

Filed Under: Interesting, Technology

Views: 102 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

Dad records daughter trying to get the perfect selfie - If this was happening 50 years ealier, she\'d be signed up for an extended stay with the Great Wizard at the local asylum.

Filed Under: Fail, Facebook

Views: 112 Comments: 1 Voted: 1

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