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The Taxco Urban Downhill race is one place you don\'t want to make a mistake. One small error and you\'re flying headfirst into a concrete wall, or a wall of spectators, or a telephone pole... After having an epic qualification run in the Urban Downhill event in Taxco, Mexico, things took a turn for the worse for downhill racer Marcelo Gutierrez. A slippery corner sent the pro rider straight into the ground in one of the fastest sections of the track, and he took a direct hit to the head. Fortunately enough Marcelo was able to walk away from this one, only with a small but serious injury in one of his fingers on his right hand. We are happy to know that he is recovering now, but this is definitely a video we won\'t easily forget. Check out Marcelo Gutierrez downhill crash MTB in Taxco Mexico. Yikes.
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