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Siri, change my nickname - She's going to have problems remembering that.

Filed Under: Funny

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Can Crusher - When artificial intelligence takes over all of our jobs, this is the one guy that will be safe.

Filed Under: Funny, Unexpected

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Fail Army's fails of the week - I take it back. I do not recommend this iron.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny, Oops, Ouch

Views: 184 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Most bizarre answers given by game show contestants - NAKED GRAMMA!

Filed Under: WTF, Fail, Funny, Oops

Views: 178 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

It's hard to stay mad at him. - When caught eating the couch, the husky goes for broke with "not smart enough to know better".

Filed Under: Dogs, Animals, Cute, Funny, Oops

Views: 451 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Road rager gets a bath - Remember folks, always roll up your windows before being an asshat.

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Funny

Views: 461 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Guy lights himself on fire and jumps off of a building - In Russia, suicide attempts are performed with much more flair.

Filed Under: Russians, Funny

Views: 443 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cat goes for a quick flight - The moment the guy realizes he's got a cat for a passenger is pretty funny.

Filed Under: Aeronautics, Cats, Funny

Views: 351 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Selfie stick instant justice - That bit of douchebaggery just cost you a few thousand dollars, champ.

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Funny

Views: 378 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Top five tantrum throwers - Think you know how to freak out? You may want to reconsider after watching these five pros.

Filed Under: Compilation, Funny, WTF

Views: 144 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Some crazy animals - I'm pretty sure that penultimate one is related to Yoda.

Filed Under: Animals, Compilation, Funny

Views: 236 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Peacocks terrorize neighborhood - Both the Crips and the Bloods fear the Peacocks.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny

Views: 134 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Everyone's upstairs neighbors - Ever wonder how on earth your upstairs neighbors made all that racket? Well, now you know.

Filed Under: Performance, Funny

Views: 977 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Simon's Cat in "Box Clever - Anyone that has ever had to get a cat into a carrier can appreciate.

Filed Under: Cats, Animals, Funny

Views: 211 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Ninja dog sneaks up on owner - This dog is "Red Light, Green Light" world champ.

Filed Under: Dogs, Animals, Funny

Views: 123 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Lambo burns to the ground - What's a Lamborghini for if not to rev repeatedly while at a red light?

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Funny, Oops

Views: 202 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Guilty dogs don't want to talk about the crime - Pants? I didn't see any pants around. Oh, gotta go.

Filed Under: Dogs, Animals, Funny

Views: 231 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Jukin's instant karma compilations - The planets are in alignment and dispensing sweet justice on the fly.

Filed Under: Compilation, Fail, Funny

Views: 200 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Curious moose checks out drone - Well, helloooooo there!

Filed Under: Animals, Funny

Views: 256 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cat shuts up yapping dog - He knows where to punch him without leaving bruises.

Filed Under: Animals, Cats, Dogs, Funny

Views: 554 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Seagull steals a GoPro - Seagull Selfie!

Filed Under: Animals, Funny, Unexpected

Views: 162 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Guy fails at showing off in his Cobra replicar - Remember boys and girls, just because you can afford something doesn't mean you actually know how to use it.

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Funny, Oops

Views: 149 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Two thieves that should have gotten an attorney - These two guys demonstrate the fine art of self-incrimination.

Filed Under: Fail, Oops, Funny

Views: 271 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Russian road rage ends in a swift kick to the face - Chuck Norris has apparently moved to Mother Russia and is straightening out the country, one douchebag at a time.

Filed Under: Russians, Cars, Funny

Views: 120 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

FailArmy's fails of the month - September is wrapped up with our Not-Quite-Wins.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny, Oops, Ouch

Views: 79 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Homemade tractor racer - Love the burnout at the beginning.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 74 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Smooth moves - A compilation of things that didn't go quite as smoothly as they could have.

Filed Under: Compilation, Fail, Funny, Oops

Views: 101 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Couple has tender moment during motorcycle crash - There's never a bad time to hug your girl.

Filed Under: Motorcycles, Funny, Romantic

Views: 111 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Air Force composure test - If you ever wondered how the Air Force could churn out such fearless warriors, now you know.

Filed Under: Funny, Educational

Views: 193 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dogs versus leaf blowers - I suspect they think of it as a portable car window.

Filed Under: Dogs, Compilation, Funny

Views: 103 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Rocksy, the door-knocking, food begging raccoon - This lady has made a friend for life.

Filed Under: Animals, Nature, Funny, Cute

Views: 119 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The difference between $1 and $1,000 pizza - In short, the difference is $999.

Filed Under: Food, Funny

Views: 59 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cow does tricks for treats - I understand. I'll do pretty much anything for bacon.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny, Unexpected

Views: 127 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Moose runs down highway - I don't think he's supposed to be in the HOV lane.

Filed Under: Animals, Funny, Unexpected

Views: 115 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Emoji only keyboard - 14 keyboards consisting of over 1,000 different emojis. Sounds handy.

Filed Under: Creative, Funny

Views: 116 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

String quartet plays in traffic jam - It's better than whatever's on the airwaves.

Filed Under: Funny, Performance, Win

Views: 104 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Prank on sleeping friend - At least he didn't let the Twizzlers go to waste.

Filed Under: Pranks, Food, Funny

Views: 75 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Fails aren't only for the young - Fail Army gives a compilation that shows the golden years can be as rich with it.

Filed Under: Fail, Compilation, Funny

Views: 101 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Worst Way to Wake Up When Hungover - This Norwegian choir sings at this statue every year and they weren't about to let a hungover person get in the way of that. What a terrible way to wake up.

Filed Under: Drunk, Funny

Views: 112 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

5 reasons you may want to leave the car in the garage - Driving a car can be a dangerous thing and 'Car Free Day' is coming up here in a couple days, so here are some reasons not to drive a car.

Filed Under: Cars, Fail, Funny, Oops, Ouch

Views: 137 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

The pope's speech, minus the talking - Mario Wienerroither, the guy that brings us the musicless music videos has branched out and shows us what the pope's speech would be like if he weren't so wordy.

Filed Under: Funny

Views: 102 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Fish mastermind behind some grooving club music - My sucker fish never did this.

Filed Under: WTF, Funny, Unexpected

Views: 70 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Marley the puppy cat - Meet a cat who acts like a dog and seems to enjoy the same things.

Filed Under: Cats, Animals, Cute, Funny

Views: 100 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Water tasting is apparently a thing - "It's very mellow."

Filed Under: Unexpected, Funny

Views: 67 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Woman can't figure out how to lock gate - Surprisingly, her application at MasterLock remains unanswered.

Filed Under: Fail, Funny

Views: 119 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Cats can't jump - A collection of cats that come up short. White cat can't jump.

Filed Under: Cats, Funny, Animals

Views: 121 Comments: 0 Voted: 1

Dog doesn't want to get out of the water - Bella, the German Shepard really doesn't want to stop swimming. Like REALLY doesn't want to.

Filed Under: Dogs, Funny, Cute, Animals

Views: 139 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Dog really wants to play with water - This corgi just can't get the timing right to play with the hose.

Filed Under: Dogs, Animals, Funny

Views: 141 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Trike drifters - A group of friends decided to make themselves some tricycles and race against each other. Luckily for us, they're much better at filming than they are at tricycle drifting.

Filed Under: Funny, Racing

Views: 174 Comments: 0 Voted: 0

Guy lifts car to get out of tight spot - If you ever find your car in a tight spot, let's hope you own a Yugo and not an Escalade.

Filed Under: Funny, Cars, Unexpected, Win

Views: 112 Comments: 1 Voted: 0

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